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Who we are

The ethos embodied in our work culture and the way we carry it forward has uniquely placed us in a position of prime importance. We are country’s No 1 Service Providers in the field of Health, Safety, Security and Environment.


Different & Unique

By opting to stray from the path of generic solutions, we specialize in developing customized solutions that are client specific and tailored to meet Industry Standards.


Innovators at Heart

Whether it is doing an audit or planing an event, when it comes to finding solutions, the innovations we bring to the table are unparalleled and without comparison.


Resilient to the Core

Our Philosophy of learning from both our successes and failures, and the conduct of detailed studies on our execution & capabilities enables for a future of possibilities.

How we do it

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Competence in consultancy is key and this is demonstrated by our team, comprised of individuals who have the right qualifications, experience and ability to provide clients with sound advice and assistance.



Momentum India is your hands-on Safety and Security specialist for any aspect of safety planning - logistics or management. We are well versed in practically every form of risk management you can think of, fields ranging from Manufacturing to Schools to large scale public events including major music festivals and sporting events, from private functions to corporate conferences, parties and those unique scenarios that cannot be categorized. No matter the type of risk or its location, we can help you make it safe.


Personal skills, approachability, patience and understanding all part of the package when you decide to join hands with us. Click the link below to understand our process and workflow.

Why we matter

Part of the world that makes everything safe and secure, are the systems in play. The need to produce safe environments and reliable products have become paramount, resulting in industries adopting stringent product requirements as an attempt at offsetting risk. 

Momentum India constitutes of people whose dedicated purpose and portfolio in life is to ensure that the streets, buildings and environments we work with are safe and worthy of being operational. With an ethos that prioritizes prevention, and an ambition to create A+ grade safety conscious citizens, we work to make your environment safe, secure and compliant.

We ensure that criticalities are met without compromising on any aspect

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Expert and competent to
match any competition.
Operationally capable anywhere around the world
An official member of the National Safety Council
An official member of the British Safety Council

Our Core Services

Audits & Reviews

Our comprehensive Health, Safety, Environment & Security Audit including electrical audit is a structured process of collecting information and providing scalable action plans for continuous improvement. 

Safety Upgradation Projects

Moving from an Audit/Assessment viewpoint to a step by step guided consultation that is backed by an organized project plan with dedicated timelines, SUPs are designed to take your organization to the most optimal process flow from where it currently is.

Training & Skills management

Tailored to suit individual requirements, our Training courses are designed as per Australian Qualifications Training Framework (AQTF), (VET) and can adhere to INSARAG standards.

Critical Infrastructure & Asset Protection


Austere environments can be unpredictable, and our security services provide dynamic solutions to sustain secure operating environments, in all circumstances.

Crisis & Emergency Response

Our diversified range of safety and emergency response services build the capability of individuals and the organization to sustain a safe work environment and culture, and to recover as quickly as possible in the event of an accident or incident occurring while minimizing harm and costly downtime.

Business Continuity Planning


With an ever-increasing potential threat list, Resiliency planning has become a critical function for any organization to operate without interruptions. Our Business Continuity Plans outline a range of disaster scenarios which organizations face today and include designed processes to help businesses return to regular state of operation.  

Safety & Management of Events

Design & conceptualise your safety and security of entire event while identifying risk and developing standard operating procedures for emergency response and critical incidents. We specialize in the procurement of skilled, trained personnel that uniquely cater to safeguarding your event infrastructure

Aviation Search & Rescue

Momentum conducts specialist helicopter operations, and focuses on ICAO recognised training courses for ambulance, Search and Rescue (SAR) and military clients. With this experience, our management team is able to write, review, and audit aircraft safety management systems (SMS) and operational procedure documents such as Operations Manuals. 

Airborne ISR

Our team can provide a 'turnkey' service that operates and maintains all the platforms and all the necessary equipment required to seamlessly integrate into the organizational structure and effectively patrol the area or support ground elements.


Protecting Students, Staff and physical assets across Schools, Universities and other institutions is a task that should always be left to the hands of professionally trained experts.


Industrial Safety reduces risks to people, processes and help safeguard human life in high risk areas where a fatal mistake can be catastrophic.


We provide a means of integrating safety health and welfare into existing management systems to help facilitate compliance and demonstrate excellence in governance.

Oil & Gas Mining

Delivering natural resources involve the use of complex and highly hazardous chemicals. We provide solutions that make it easy to give organizations the information and tools they need to stay safe.

Real Estate

We customize in providing timely, actionable information to protect assets, and operations and help monitor compliance with local, state, and federal laws efficiently with powerful tools and customizable reports





Safe Hospitality is a practical and easy way to help ensure safe and healthy workplaces for those in hotels, restaurants, catering and bar trades.


To maintain a competitive edge, one must think differently. Enlightened management knows that an effective and efficient safety program provides companies with a definitive competitive edge.


We ensure the overall safety of events is maintained at all times so that people setting up, breaking down and attending the event are not exposed to risks to health, safety or security.


Protecting critical infrastructures such as stadiums and arenas are effective only when training of staff members, centering on incident management strategies, risk management practices, protective measures, business continuity and recovery principles, is conducted.

Civil Defence

Momentum India assists clients to plan, prepare, respond and recover from any potential emergency event, minimizing harm and costly downtime.

Govt. & Defence

In today’s turbulent times government agencies need the confidence of working with an experienced partner to provide peace of mind.

Our Clients

Operating PAN India, we have had the good fortune to work with industry leaders and SMBs across multiple sectors. 


What People Say About Us

The MI HSE team led by Mr. Saumitro Sen has partnered RE early 2017 to define the safety environment at its three manufacturing facilities located in Chennai. The comprehensive interaction and sustained efforts of both stakeholders has raised the safety threshold at Royal Enfeild beyond compliance to a meaningful change in our approach to doing business.
Consequently, we have RE and MI together, successfully demonstrated that safety of people and assets can be at the vanguard of Manufacturing excellence. Mr. Sen’s rich experience and intuitive insights have been key to this endeavor. 
Subramanian J
Head – Manufacturing
Royal Enfield

“Every day we make an effort to change the way safety is looked at in India, that's our DNA. We have realized from our collective experience that safety is a collaborative approach that needs to be integrated into the behavioral mindset of every individual of an organization.” 

Himmat Rana,
Momentum India

"Innovation in business requires a more proactive than a reactive approach and it is crucial for a modern day business to understand that growth cannot be continuous if there are roadblocks at every corner. At Momentum India, we partner with people to bring innovative solutions that foresee potential hindrances and deliver uncompromising SOPs." 

Rohan Oberoi,
Founder & CEO,
Momentum India