>> Made in India
>> Engineered by Momentum India
>> Conceptualized & Designed by IIT Ropar Researchers
>> The Zero Shadow state of the art design delivers 100% UV Radiation to surfaces & spaces without any hindrance
>> Prism Shape: 360° Disinfection
>> Angular Wing Design: Focuses on high-touch areas
>> Tested by FICCI Research & Analysis Center (NABL Accredited Lab)
>> Kills/Inactivates 99.99% Viruses/Bacteria including Coronaviruses, as per scientific reports
>> Disinfects 200 sq. ft. in 6 minutes
>> Patented Design

Prof.Naresh Rakha

Senior Scientific Ofiice, IIT-Ropar, PhD (England), P.D.F. (Japan), Commonweath Scholar, FAO Fellow, JSPS Fellow

Dr. Khushboo Rakha

Assistant Professor, DMME, IIT Ropar B.Tech Metallurgical and Materials Engineering; PhD, Deakin University, Australia

Dr. Shahriar Reza

Recipient of ALF Post Graduate Scholarship, Australia, B. S. (Engg.) Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, BUET, Dhaka

**UV-C has been shown to eliminate SARS-COV-2, the virus causing the Covid-19 Pandemic


UV-C disrupts DNA Chain of Viruses & Bacteria, sanitizes all surfaces up to 99.99%

Zero residue, hence, safe for all surfaces, unlike chemical disinfectants

100% fire safe, unlike alcohol-based sanitizers & disinfection chemicals

Safest Operation – best in class safety features designed by safety experts

Technical Specifications

Microbial Survival Percentage VS. Time (M)

Why is UV-C Better than Chemical Disinfectants

Press & media


Lighting firm Signify says UV light breaks down coronavirus particles in seconds


Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Handbook


Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Handbook


Aerosol Susceptibility of Influenza Virus to UV-C Light


Inactivation of viruses on surfaces by ultraviolet germicidal irradiation


Stability of SARS coronavirus in human specimens and environment and its sensitivity to heating and UV irradiation


Ultraviolet irradiation doses for coronavirus inactivation



Yes. May have harmful effects such as stated above only due to prolonged exposure of over several months / years. Protected against these threats by several safety features on the device such as delay timer, motion sensors and emergency switch. When in use, operators ensure that the areas are vacant and / or in specially made tents

Yes. UV-C can be used to disinfect anything, ranging from metals, cloth, drinking water to food items as well. Food items include cooked dishes, breads, raw fruits and vegetables, etc.

No. UV-C can be used to disinfect as big an area as required. The exposure time/no. of devices will have to be increased. For an area of 500 sq. ft., you may use one UV Safe device for 10 minutes to sufficiently sanitize the area

Momentum India, as a principle, discourage the use of operator dependent devices. We use devices that are operated remotely only, therefore, the operator can leave the room when the device is on, hence it is not mandatory to wear PPE suits

No. It is very dangerous for the operator and additionally it is almost impossible to achieve the desired disinfection level as the operator will keep moving the wand and the surfaces/areas will not get required exposure for disinfection

No. You must wait a minimum of 2 minutes before entering a room/area where you have used UV-C for disinfection

When using UV-C to disinfect areas/surfaces/items, please ensure that your UV-C source is placed at an optimum location, whereby it is located centrally and is not too far from any surfaces. If the area is too big, you must conduct multiple cycles in different locations of the same area to allow for maximum disinfection. When disinfecting materials, ensure that all sides of the material are getting direct UV-C exposure and that they are not stacked. Never stack any materials while disinfecting via UV-C

UV-C will disinfect air in the room/area present at that point of time but air consistently gets removed & reintroduced into that area and that is not disinfected. In-room disinfection devices are not suitable for air disinfection, for that purpose, one must install UV-C in HVAC systems, another service being offered by Momentum India UV-C Experts

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