Crisis & Emergency Management Familiarization

This course focuses on effective Crisis Management Methodologies. This module is aimed at familiarizing the participants with the three-tier Crisis Management structure, the PEAR theory and thresholds of activation.

Key Elements in this course include:

  • >> Importance of Contingency Planning
  • >> Importance of Safety as Top Down Approach
  • >> Incident Management Principles
  • >> Familiarization to Crisis & Emergency Management System (CEMS)
  • >> Principles of Crisis Communication
  • >> Importance of Effective Communication

Crisis Communication

This course focuses on the importance of recognising a Crisis and effectively communicating with various stakeholders.

The module shall offer an understanding into the following:

  • >> How to communicate in a crisis
  • >> 3 C’s of Communication (SOCO Theory)
  • >> Importance of Messaging
  • >> Bridging Technique
  • >> Common mistakes
  • >> Understanding the Indian Media

Media Spokesperson (Crisis)

This training program enhances the organization’s spokesperson’s abilities to professionally and credibly face media and develop a greater ability to field questions and manage controversy.

The module shall offer an understanding into the following:

  • >> Understanding media and journalists in India
  • >> Messaging: How to communicate your messages during a crisis
  • >> Instruments of crisis communications in India
  • >> Basic Media Interview techniques
  • >> Handling Interviews during a crisis

Safety Sensitization

The purpose of this course is to equip learners with the knowledge, skill and competence to recognize and maintain good health and safety practices in the surrounding environment.

This course participants are sensitized on:

  • >> Understanding of Safety
  • >> Need Vs. Minimum Compliance
  • >> Proactive Vs. Reactive Safety
  • >> Budgeting for Safety
  • >> Effective Communication
  • >> Safety Strategies

Importance of Business Continuity

This course creates awareness amongst participants on the importance of a Business Continuity Plan for uninterruptable services. It highlights the measures that need to be in place for an organization to restore their business after an unexpected disruption (BAU- Business as Usual)

Key elements in this course include:

Arc Flash Study + Surge Protection (Basic)

This course covers the basic of arc flash, how it is generated and it’s relevant consequences.

Topics covered include:

  • >> Basic introduction and Terminologies
  • >> Usage of Surge Protection Device (SPD) for different Electrical applications
  • >> Difference between short circuit, arc flash and arc blast
  • >> Consequences of occurrence
  • >> Arc Flash study and it’s importance
  • >> Why and where should Arc flash study be conducted

Bomb Threat & Terror Situations

  • >> In this course, participants are able to:
  • >> Understand types of Bomb threats
  • >> Deal with unidentified objects
  • >> Record information received during a potential bomb threat
  • >> IEDs- Dangers and Management
  • >> Develop a bomb incident plan
  • >> Carry out initial & secondary searches
  • >> Guidelines on how to react and respond in such situations- NITS briefing, HOT principle etc.