Momentum India offers a variety of services across domains. We believe in a unique solutions-based approach where no two business challenges can have the same solution. We offer bespoke, tailor made solutions that are cost effective and unique to your organisation. Get in touch with us today.

Safety Assessments & Operations Risk Management

Our comprehensive Health, Safety, Environment & Security Audit including electrical audit is a structured process of collecting information and providing scalable action plans for continuous improvement.


Crisis & Emergency Response Planning

Moving from an Audit / Assessment viewpoint to a step by step guided consultation that is backed by an organized project plan with dedicated timelines, SUPs are designed to take your organization to the most optimal process flow from where it currently

Safety Trainings & Capability Building

Tailored to suit individual requirements, our Training courses are designed as per Australian Qualifications Training Framework (AQTF), (VET) and can adhere to INSARAG standards.


Critical Infrastructure & Asset Protection

Austere environments can be unpredictable, and our security services provide dynamic solutions to sustain secure operating environments, in all circumstances.  


Business Continuity Planning

With an ever-increasing potential threat list, Resiliency planning has become a critical function for any organization to operate without interruptions. Our Business Continuity Plans outline a range of disaster scenarios which organizations face today and include designed processes to help businesses return to regular state of operation.


Event & Production Safety Management

Design & conceptualise your safety and security of entire event while identifying risk and developing standard operating procedures for emergency response and critical incidents. We specialize in the procurement of skilled, trained personnel that uniquely cater to safeguarding your event infrastructure.


Building Corporate Sustainability Strategy

Momentum India provides Consultation services to organizations to build their overall Corporate Sustainability Strategy.