Lockdown Training

This course will provide participants with knowledge on:

  • >> Incidents requiring a lockdown
  • >> Types of Lockdown
  • >> Stages of Lockdown
  • >> Communication during a Lockdown- Internal & External

Security Guards Training

This course equips the participants with the skills of guarding, patrolling, incident reporting, communication, behavioural and grooming skills.

Incident Investigation

  • >> This course imparts the basics of an effective incident investigation.
  • >> It situational analysis skills to conduct incident analysis for various case studies.

Close Protection Officer Training

  • >> This training is targeted to provide participants with the necessary knowledge to be engaged in Close protection operations.
  • >> The course involves theoretical strategizing sessions & practical scenario based simulations to ensure optimum applicability.

Terror / Hostage Situations

This course will provide participants with information on various hostile situations.

Key elements of this training include:

  • >> Guidelines on how to react and respond in such situations
  • >> Various psychological syndromes associated with them
  • >> Response actions during an active shooter scenario

Basic Preventive Maintenance (Basic)

This course covers the basics of preventive maintenance, types of maintenance and impact of poor maintenance on electrical equipment.

Key elements include:

  • >> Basic introduction and Terminologies
  • >> Importance and elements of Preventive Maintenance
  • >> Equipment- specific requirements
  • >> PM schedules and check-sheet (Any 2 equipment)
  • >> Consequences of a poor maintenance system

Arc Flash Study + Surge Protection (Basic)

This course covers the basic of arc flash, how it is generated and it’s relevant consequences.

Topics covered include:

  • >> Basic introduction and Terminologies
  • >> Usage of Surge Protection Device (SPD) for different Electrical applications
  • >> Difference between short circuit, arc flash and arc blast
  • >> Consequences of occurrence
  • >> Arc Flash study and it’s importance
  • >> Why and where should Arc flash study be conducted

Bomb Threat & Terror Situations

  • >> In this course, participants are able to:
  • >> Understand types of Bomb threats
  • >> Deal with unidentified objects
  • >> Record information received during a potential bomb threat
  • >> IEDs- Dangers and Management
  • >> Develop a bomb incident plan
  • >> Carry out initial & secondary searches
  • >> Guidelines on how to react and respond in such situations- NITS briefing, HOT principle etc.