When we began, our primary vision was to become the leading solutions provider in HSSE. As with history, everything evolves, and today, as an organization, we are beginning to see a bigger picture. 

Through our experience,

we strive forward...

Having been largely operational within India (one of the world's largest, most complex and fastest growing economy) for a good part of the last decade, and having worked with over 300+ clients that range from industry leaders to SMBs to multi-national corporations, our expertise and operational capability has uniquely positioned us to be the drivers of a Safety revolution that is beginning to take shape within the nation.



"India is a country where Safety has a long way to go. Every year, thousands of workers are killed, while many more suffer serious injuries, most of which are preventable with the right guidance and implementation."

Our organisation works tirelessly to improve working conditions, and kick-start wide-ranging campaigns that promote a more proactive hands-on approach. The key here has always been to provide simplified solutions that are implementable for organizations of any size (from the tiniest of institutions to large scale manufactures), and provide valuable feedback in an understandable language that isn’t jargon focused, but delivered in context and without compromise.

Practical guidance simplified...


What we aim for...

To continuously innovate and offer affordable state of the art solutions through integration of both technology and human beings, so that one day...

Safety and Security may become a household topic.


Our aspirations now stem to become the first Indian Safety and Security organization​ that offers fundamental solutions to the world.


Creating a generation of Safety Conscious Citizens, one step at a time.