Evacuation Drill

This program is broken into three parts:

  • >> Pre- Drill Briefing
  • >> Drill (Initiation, Evacuation, Re-occupation)
  • >> Post- Drill De-briefing

It focuses upon the method of practicing evacuation techniques within a facility in the event of an emergency

Lockdown Drill

This practical training is recommended to be conducted post the Lockdown Procedure Theory session. It enables participants to secure and protect themselves; if in imminent danger.

Key elements covered include:

  • >> Complete Lockdown of the premise
  • >> Assessment of the Procedure Adopted
  • >> Feedback at Site
  • >> Communication systems

Disaster Response Drill (Site - specific Mock Drill)

The facilitators shall aim at using facility-specific emergency response plans for various types of emergencies.

By attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • >> Understand and demonstrate how to initiate an evacuation
  • >> Understand the principles of evacuation
  • >> Evacuation – Do’s & Don’ts
  • >> Communication – Internal & External
  • >> Understand how to report an emergency situation
  • >> Initiation of Search & Rescue operations

Onsite Emergency Response Plan Simulations

  • >> This simulation will be conducted post creation & finalization of the Emergency Response Plan for the premise.
  • >> The simulation will assess the effectiveness of the ERP, the ERT & EMT Teams as per their roles & responsibilities.
  • >> Simulation will be customized as per the ERP scenarios/ emergencies created.

Crisis Management Plan Simulations

This simulation will be conducted to assess the effectiveness of the overall Crisis Management System (Crisis Management Plan & the Emergency Response Plan)

  • >> On-ground Emergency handling procedures (ERP)
  • >> Communication Escalation

This session is aimed primarily at the Crisis Management Team of an organization. In this session, the participants shall be familiarized with their crisis management plans and asked to role play their responsibilities whilst handling a crisis. The drills will allow participants to understand the importance of thresholds of activation, decision-making, incident recording and stakeholder communication.