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MI Safe is India’s first ever integrated Health, Safety, Security and Environment Management Software designed as an Enterprise Resource Planning software catering specifically to the needs of Health & Safety for all businesses.

The software is fully customizable to the needs of any organization with minimum intervention and it offers safeguarding measures at various stages of business operations and tools to check compliance of the same.

With live interactive dashboards, checklists, embedded SOP’s, incident reporting and management and emergency response plans for all types of businesses, the system has been designed based on our extensive experience across regions and organizations over the last decade.

Processes & Procedures have been crafted and are regularly updated as per regulations provided by Governing bodies such as ICMR, WHO, MoHFW, CDC, OHSAS, ISO etc.

Faced with a global pandemic, organizations are changing gears to prevent, monitor & manage safety at workplaces. It is becoming increasingly difficult to manage & track implementation of the ever changing COVID processes and procedures & at the same time trying to manage business disruptions caused by the pandemic.

The MI Safe Portal is designed to create a safer workplace via a 360-degree approach to safety with creation & implementation of SOP’s and building capability & awareness amongst the stakeholders.

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MI Safe Web Portal Tools

Safe Operating Procedures

To provide you with dynamic step by step processes to be followed at your workplace to maintain a safe and secure environment for all

Constantly updated Covid 19 SOP’s based on validated information from Globally recognized bodies such as ICMR, CDC, WHO etc.


Compliance management system and an internal audit tool that will allow the team to be self-reliant and remove dependencies on third party vendors.

Repository of over 200 checklists for start-up safety checks and managing periodic compliance with auto assignment and escalation.


Easy to understand audio visual and multilingual le-learning modules to assist in awareness creation and a safer environment. Trainings to include topics on emergency response, general HSE, security, electrical safety and Covid 19 safety

Daily Risk Advisory

One advisory daily currently focused on Covid 19 to highlight some critical news and developments that may affect business operations and safe restart plans

Emergency Response Plans

Pre-defined Emergency Response Plans with an auto alert system which can be customized to cater to various scenarios with exact responsibilities for various roles within an emergency response system

COVID Safety & more:

Fire Safety

The MI Safe portal is designed to create a safer workplace and that does not stop at just COVID.

The MI safe portal also caters to further pillars of safety through curated checklists for each to ensure actions are taken periodically to avoid accidents

Electrical Safety

General Safety

Chemical Safety

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